How it work ?

Video coming soon.

Video coming soon.

Features (US$)

Download the PDF in English .

1. Set up your application after downloading
Currency : language ; E-mail ; phone number.
Select your alert mode : the tutor can receive an alert of the money movements generated by the user either by SMS or by email.
Tap OK.

2. The home page is displayed. To add money, click I ADD MONEY.

3. Click on the items to add the money you have in your actual wallet.

4. The quantity of selected elements is displayed in blue boxes.
The addition of the values ​​is displayed in the numerical box.

5. The home page is displayed showing the amount of the total contents of the wallet.

6. To pay, click on I GIVE.
The numeric keypad is displayed so that you note the amount to be paid.
Write and validate this amount.

7. The application tells you the amount to give, either exact, or by default, or by excess.

8. Validate them one by one.

9. After validation of the payment, the application indicates the amount of the rendering. Only elements that can be rendered are colored.

10. To validate this rendering, click on the photo of each rendered element.
Their quantity is displayed in a blue frame.
These elements are grayed out as they are validated.
The quantity rendered is counted up to 0.

11. The ticket rendering page is displayed. Claim your receipt and confirm after receiving it.

12. The OK page is displayed for a few seconds. The payment action is over.