How it work ?

Features (€)

1. Click on the setting bars at the top left of the application. click Settings to select your settings.

2. Select the currency of your choice
(3 currencies)

3. Select your language
(2 languages)

4. For the tutor fill in the email address and the phone number that will receive the money movement alerts.
Check the mode for receiving alerts.
Edit personal information.

5. The wallet is empty.
The gauge indicates its lowest level.

6. By clicking OPEN PORTFOLIO, you can access 3 features:
– Add money
– Remove money
– Empty his wallet

7. By clicking on ADD MONEY, you can click on each item owned in its actual wallet.

8. Clicking on the first item activates the buttons:
return to previous function, return to previous action, commit a total.
On each item, its quantity is displayed in blue

9. By validating the amount, the home page is displayed:
– The gauge is at the maximum of the wallet in green
– The amount entered is displayed in the wallet

10. When paying for a purchase, click I PAY, the corresponding page is displayed with the numeric keypad.
Write down the amount to pay.

11. The hand indicates the elements to give.
I validate each action by clicking on the green button.

12. The green progress bar tells me if the action is complete or not.

13. When rendering monies, the screen displays items that are “sensible” to be part of the rendering. These elements are colorful. The others are black and white.
Click on the items returned to the checkout.

14. A blue box indicating quantities is displayed on each item returned and touched. The green validation button is displayed when the account is good. Click on it.

15. Do not forget to collect your ticket!

16. The indication is displayed.
The application returns directly to the HOME page.

17. When the amount is substantial, the gauge may visually indicate a consequential change.

18. Click Settings at the top left, then MY HISTORY to view the movements made during a given time.
– green: sum add to the real portfolio
– red: paid sum of the real portfolio
– gray: real wallet emptied
– orange: sum removed from the real portfolio

19. By clicking on “i” for information, go to the social networking pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
In case of bug, the problem of posting or intention to contact the company, click on ONE NOTE ?

20. Several mailboxes will be offered depending on the brand of the phone.
Click on one of the boxes according to your address, complete the e-mail and send your message.

21. When you click I PAY while you have no money in your wallet, an error message is displayed.

22. When to pay, you tap on an amount greater than the amount owned in your wallet, an error message is displayed