Frequently Asked Questions




– Will the OTO version 2 application be downloadable on APPLE STORE ?
Yes. This project is planned and will be ready before the end of 2018.

– What to use the OTO application?
You can use the OTO application to learn the elements of the currency, or to solve a mathematical problem or to settle a purchase.

– At what age can I use the OTO application?
From the class of Preparatory Course a person can use this application.




– Can CAISSE OTO Pro adapt to all cash registers?

– Is it detectable by connected cash registers?
No. It is totally independent of the body and allows a total flexibility of use.

– Is it usable alone?
Yes. It is a calculating assistant tool to make money on a cash purchase.

– Does it detect the amount to be paid by the cash register?
No. It is not connected to the cash register at all. This allows a total autonomy of use.

– Why is not it integrated with the cash register?
The project of integrating the application with cash register software is underway.



3. Terms of Sales


You can read and download Terms of Sales here.