Our philosophy

Bring DIGNITY and promote AUTONOMY to the person in difficulty.



The difficulties in mental arithmetic concern some people in our society, suffering from Dyscalculia, ADHD

Dyscalculia is a severe disorder in digital learning such as inversion of numbers, difficulties of mental calculation without disability. Attention Deficit Disorders with Hyperactivity impede the concentration and attention that are essential functions to carry out tasks without complexity like settling a purchase.





Autistic Syndrome Disorders and Down Syndrome Disorders (Down syndrome)

Some individuals with ASD may have difficulty giving value to money: 10 cents can be read 10 euros for example. Visual disturbances in people with Down Syndrome can distort information also from where the use of the sorter portfolio. Associated intellectual function disorders such as memorization and concentration may prevent correct answers. To these disorders may be added dyscalculia for example.


Stroke – Alzheimer’s, Elderly

Stroke can cause difficulties in reading, speaking, thinking, calculating with slower, hesitant behaviors; difficulties in acquiring new information and retaining it. To these disorders can be added the memory memorization of acts that they previously knew for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Some older people have aging disorders and are increasingly looking for digital tools to maintain a certain level of independence in their daily lives.


What we offer


A mobile application that serves as a digital wallet used with a real wallet.

Sorting portfolios : In European currency and Canadian currency.

Training workshops on how to use the tool.

A CAISSE OTO Pro app that helps the cashier make the change of a cash payment.



Workshops for learning the OTO tool are made on request.

They consist of presenting the OTO tool to associations, structures and specialized institutions.

Teach the procedures to the accompanying persons (teachers, specialists, tutors or educators): how to set up this tool with the future users the steps of acquisitions towards the autonomy OTO application and portfolio sorter (for Europe).

Accompany a user directly in learning the tool: theory and practice in concrete situations.

For who ?


The OTO application was first created to help anyone who is old enough to use the money, who would have difficulty valuing it, representing their equivalences and managing it on a daily basis, such as :

– IMEs and colleges, speech therapists, occupational therapists, educators and educators, AESH …
– The parents and / or guardians of the users.
– Adolescents and adults affected by the difficulties described below.
– Workers from adapted companies: ESAT, SAVS, SAMSAH, CITL …
– The students of ULIS and the less young who wish to get used to the elements of the currency.